Brave Crest

The Brave Crest shown in the anime's second opening.

The Crest of Six Flowers (六花の紋章 Rokka no Monshō?) is a mark that appears on a warrior when they are chosen by the Goddess of Fate to become a Brave. The Crest has the appearance of a pinkish flower with six petals and can appear anywhere on the Brave's body. The Crest loses one of its petals if a Brave dies.



Adlet receiving his Crest

When the Majin awakes, six warriors will be chosen to save the world and seal away the Majin again. Those six warriors will be called Braves of the Six Flowers and receive a Crest with six petals, each one of the petals symbolize one of the Braves. This Crest will allow them to stay in the Wailing Demon Territory without being infected by its parasites and die. Only those with the Crest can stop the Majin and save the world.


  • It is not known how the Crest reacts to a fake Brave and therefore not a reliable way of determining the genuineness of a Brave. 
  • When Hans died, the Crest lost one of its petals but gained it back when he was revived by Rolonia.
  • After Tgurneu told Adlet he was the seventh, the Saint of the Single Flower talked with Adlet by his Crest, saying that he was really the seventh.