The Time to Reveal the Answer (解明の時, Kaime no Toki) is the 12th episode in the Rokka no Yuusha anime series. It first aired on September 19, 2015.


Adlet confirmed that Mora might have been the Seventh Brave if his deductions were correct, but Chamo rebuked his conclusion. She and Hans were able to find copies of the tablet and tools that might have been used for the real activation of the barrier. On the second tablet were instructions to reactivate the fog barrier, which was by removing the knife and shattered tablet, drip blood all over the stand, say the words, and break the tablet. This made everyone think that the person who broke the tablet was the Seventh Brave.

Fremy confirmed that it was Nashetania who did so, and everyone was surprised. By deduction, Adlet also thought that the person who sent him to the temple was the one who planned everything from the very beginning, and it was her. As he confirmed it, she then surrendered and claimed that she really is the Seventh Brave, and Goldof was shocked by the revelation.

Nashetania told them that she wanted to kill them all because she believed that humans and kyoumas could live together in peace, but around 500,000 humans might die in the process. Adlet then ordered everyone to kill her, but she escaped. He fainted due to the loss of blood. As he regained consciousness, Mora apologized to him for thinking he was the Seventh and trying to kill him. She also took care of his wounds.

After resting, they all went outside to continue their travel to fight the Majin, but to their surprise, they met Rolonia, Adlet's childhood friend and the Saint of Blood, who apologized for being late because of the fog and claiming that she is one of the Braves, showing her crest. During the confusion, troops from Gwenbyer went to the temple to tell everyone that more than a thousand kyoumas were coming to the temple. They decided to stop trying to find out who was the Seventh and started traveling to the Wailing Demon territory, asking the troops to reactivate the barrier after they left.

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