The Heroes Gather (勇者集結, Yūsha Shūketsu) is the 4th episode in the Rokka no Yuusha anime series. It first aired on July 25, 2015.


As Fremy and Nashetania fight from a distance, Goldof charges at the former. Adlet tries to stop him, but Goldof pushes him aside. Trying to end the fight, Adlet shouts for all of them to stop and says that Fremy is not their enemy since she is also one of the Braves.

Nashetania and Goldof are surprised and inform Adlet that Fremy is the Brave-Killer. Fremy does not deny it and confirms that she is indeed the killer. She then names some of her victims- Matora Wichita, Fudelka Hori and Asurei Yara. She then says that Goldof and Nashetania are also her targets while aiming her gun at them.

Adlet asks if Leura was also her target but Fremy answers that she was but that she did not know what happened to her. Adlet then asks her why she killed all the potential Braves and Fremy replies that the Majin could return if only weak warriors remained to be chosen as Braves.

Goldof and Nashetania are now convinced she is their enemy and are about to kill Fremy when Adlet blocks them. He refuses to believe that someone trying to revive the Majin would be chosen as a Brave and says that he will side with Fremy if he has to fight.

Nashetania finally decides to agree with Adlet and tells Goldof that they'll stop fighting. She then informs Fremy that she still does not believe her and that she only trusts Adlet.

As the group head for Mora, they notice several Flying Kyouma heading for the temple. The Braves rush to the temple but are blocked by a different group of Kyouma. As they battle, Nashetania instructs Adlet to go ahead to the temple.

When Adlet reaches the temple he notices an injured priestess. He tries to help her but she tells him to hurry inside. Adlet tries to open the door but it does not open so he blasts it open with some explosives. Immediately afterward, two armored soldier exit from the inside and attack Adlet who is surprised. Adlet tries to ask the priestess what had happened but she is actually a shape-shifting Kyouma who escapes.

After defeating the soldiers who turn out to be just suits of armor, Adlet feels a cold sense of dread before entering the temple and notices mist appearing from the ground. Fearing someone had already activated the barrier, Adlet then enters the activation chamber only to discover that his fear had come true when he notices the sword already in the pedestal. He looks around the room but does not find anyone else inside.

Nashetania, Fremy and Goldof arrive and Nashetania asks Adlet why he activated the Barrier. Adlet insists it was not him and that someone else activated it and then disappeared. Fearing that they are trapped, the group proceed to the pedestal and confirm that the sword was already inside the pedestal.

While the group tries to figure out what has happened, Goldof decides to turn off the barrier in the meantime and removes the sword but Fremy says that the fog is still there. Adlet tries to turn it off by cutting his hand, dripping his blood on the pedestal and reciting: "Barrier, release" but nothing changed. Nashetania then panics, grabbing the sword and attacking the pedestal shouting "Barrier release" and that she was the owner of the barrier while breaking the slab. Fremy stops her, telling her that there is no point in panicking when they hear footsteps.

Chamo arrives and asks what had happened when she recognizes the members of the group, except for Adlet. Adlet asks her who she is and Chamo introduces herself and announces that she was also chosen as a Brave. Adlet tells Chamo that he is the "strongest man in the world" but ends up confusing Chamo because she believes that she is the strongest person in the world. Chamo then decides that they should start killing Fremy who also prepares for a fight but Adlet and Nashetania stop them.

Mora arrives, wondering what the group is arguing over when she realizes what Chamo was about to start a fight. Mora then orders Chamo to stop and tells the group that there is an outsider among them when she reveals that she had been traveling with a man she met the day before, Hans, who is also a Brave. Adlet orders everyone to show their crests and they realize that there are seven of them.

Mora tells the group the story of the Saint of the Single Flower who split her power into six for each of the Braves so that it was impossible for there to be more or less than six Braves.

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