The Reason of the Two (二人の理由, Futari no riyū) is the 7th episode in the Rokka no Yuusha anime series. It first aired on August 15, 2015.


Adlet told Fremy about his past, on how he was taught to fight and even learn science by Atro Spiker, his master. He also talked about a lizard-like humanoid kyoma who had three wings who went to their village when he was young. Fremy then confirmed that it was the same kyouma who convinced her mother to give birth to her. Because of this, Adlet's best friend and his sister died, leaving him behind. Fremy then told him her story that her mother had pretended to love her and then tried to kill her after Fremy disappointed her, making her furious of her kind, and wanting to kill the Majin out of revenge. They then parted ways, and Fremy headed back to the others. Inside the temple, the other Braves devised a plan to capture and kill Adlet. As they split into groups to search for Adlet, he went to the temple, where he was attacked by Hans.

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