The Average Man and the Genius (凡人と天才, Bonjin to Tensai) is the 8th episode in the Rokka no Yuusha anime series. It first aired on August 23, 2015.


Adlet was able to escape, but then engaged in a battle with Hans in the forest. Adlet is trying to convince Hans somehow that he is not the Seventh, but Hans suspects him still. As Adlet tried to trick Hans, he did not kill him when he had the chance to prove that he is not the impostor. Hans then told Adlet that he is the Seventh Brave, slicing his throat open. Adlet then realized that it was a hallucination, and Hans decided to believe in him as he saw his dying reaction, which would be different had he been the impostor. Meanwhile, Nashetania speculated that Hans might be the Seventh Brave, and is asking Goldof for help and to trust her that Adlet is innocent. Adlet and Hans went back to the temple to find clues, but Chamo was outside and decided she was bored of waiting so she would just kill everyone to see if they were the traitor, attacking both of them by summoning her jyuma.

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Battles & EventsEdit

  • Chamo Rosso vs Adlet Mayer and Hans Humpty