Hans Humpty (ハンス・ハンプティ Hansu Hanputi?) is one of the Six Braves. Among them, he's the only hero whose name is not well known, and for a good reason - he's an outstanding killer for hire.

Appearance Edit


Hans is a man[1] with long disheveled hair that covers his eyes. His clothes are simple and patched-up. His appearance is also reminiscent to that of a cat, with his cat-like broad smile as well as his movements and actions. He also has a tail. His speech pattern in Japanese is very distinctive, being a mix of Tohoku dialect and cat speech. His speech pattern was also inspired by cats, as he based his fighting style on the way cat moves, he does it out of respect. Plus, he is actually quite masculine, despite how skinny he looks under his clothes.

History Edit

Hans is the only Brave whose name is not well known because he is an assassin. The same can be said of his previous history, since he only reveals events or knowledge after he became an assassin, and nothing before. As he said himself, being famous would hinder his work. He never works for free, so after he received the Crest of Six Flowers he asked the king of the nearest kingdom for a reward of money before he headed to the heroes' gathering point.

Illusion Fog Barrier Arc Edit

During this arc, Hans is initially with Mora, and meets the other Braves last. And in determining who was the Seventh Brave, he was able to at least draw Adlet's suspicion. Initially, Hans claimed that Fremy was the Seventh Flower, but upon running through each Brave's last events, decided that it couldn't have been her - she had way too many opportunities to kill Adlet before arriving at the temple, and yet she didn't. This made Fremy the first Brave to be exonerated from the investigation, but Adlet the next to be suspected in Hans' eyes.

When Adlet was suspected, Hans revealed his in-depth knowledge of the Saint of Seals and Saint of Salt's power, having had to sneak past or force through many difficult barriers.


Hans is a strange man[1] who mimics a cat as he talks.[2]

However, he is one of the smarter heroes as well as one of the stronger ones, making for a deadly combination. Because of his keen mind, Hans is difficult to deceive, and since he enjoys killing strong opponents, he will not hesitate to attack suspicious allies as well. According to the Kyouma leaders, Hans is the one of more feared Brave, second only to Chamo.

Abilities Edit

Hans fences with an unworldly and peculiar skill.[3] In battle, he wields two wide blade knives and moves around in an inhuman and completely unpredictable manner, sometimes rotating midair, sometimes temporarily walking on his fists, displaying at all times the flexibility of a cat. He's fast, silent, and deadly in all situations. He is extremely capable, holding his own against Adlet Mayer.

Relationships Edit

Surprisingly, Chamot and Hans developed a mutual affection for each other after a while. Chamot usually calls him "Neko-san" (Cat-san).

Trivia Edit

  • Compared to the Humpty Dumpty poem, Hans takes a great fall after fighting Mora, however Rolonia brings him back to life.



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