Tgurneu (テグネウ Teguneu?) is one of the three Kyouma leaders along with Dozzu and Cargikk.


Tgurneu has a human-like form and walks on two legs but looks like he is made of different creatures. He has a lizard-like head and green scales. Three wings sprout out of his back, two black and one white. His height of little over two meters makes him one of the smaller Kyouma.

Later on, it is revealed that Tgurneu's real form is that of a fig-like Kyouma.

Tgurneu's second host's body is described as a white yeti with the head of a crow.


Many years ago, Tgurneu, Cargikk and Dozzu were friends but the three split up due to differences in their ideals. Dozzu desired interspecies peace, Cargikk disapproved and the two got into a fight which Tgurneu tried to settle to no avail.

Around 20 years ago, as Tgurneu researched about the power of Saints, He eventually ordered for the creation of Fremy.


Eight years before the beginning of the series, Tgurneu appeared in Adlet's village, Hasuna. He did not attack the villagers and disappeared the next day. He managed to control the villagers, making them believe in siding with the Kyouma save for Shetra, Raina and Adlet. Tgurneu had also demanded for the hearts of any villagers who would oppose. Shetra died and Raina got caught with only Adlet managing to escape.


Tgurneu stole the power of the Saint of the Single Flower and created a Fake Crest, which belongs to Adlet Mayer, and an ultimate weapon called Black Barren Flower, which steals the powers of the Saint of the Single Flower, becoming more and more powerful.


Unlike most other Kyouma, Tgurneu is interested in humans, most especially about love, and takes a great effort to learn about them. He reads books and is strict with greetings and insists on receiving a greeting back. Perhaps the most intelligent of the Kyouma he is shown to enjoys taking on certain human behaviours and customs such as reading and experimenting and enjoys talking about the concept of love. Yet at the same time he is also the cruelest and most devious of the Kyouma commanders, unlike Dozzu who truly desires peace with humans and Cargikk who treats those under his command as his children Tgurneu has turned humans into slaves, both forcefully andwith his brainwashing, orchestrated the birth of the Half-Kyouma Fremy just to deceive and turn on her and has allowed countless of his subordinates to be killed for his cause. That being said he was once the most pacifistic of the Kyouma Commanders having tried to keep the peace between the three when Dozzu and Cargikk's passions caused them to split apart.

For all of this he presents himself as disarmingly affable and uses a charismatic air of royal splendor to identify himself amongst the rest of his kind and towards other humans. When he first appeared in Adlet Mayer's home town he did not attack but instead patted the boy's head in a very warm, loving and gentle manner, which makes him appear as a kind and benevolent individual.

However he is also the most ruthless and meticulous of the Kyouma and appears to be devoid of love himself. He is also strategic and has an affinity towards convoluted but highly effective and underhanded plans and conspiracies and is as patient as he is cunning waiting and setting up his plans years in advance. His wit and unpredictibility arguably make him the most dangerous of the Kyouma by his intelligence alone.

Tgurneu's intelligence is not simply limitted to merely being a good thinker and having a penchant for military tactics but also extends to concepts that elude or escape other Kyouma; particularly when it comes to the emotions and feelings of others as well as having the greatest insight to the science of the world and its nature, both magic and divine which have enabled him to create a Fake Brave Crest, the Saint of Gunpowder and even modify the biology of a Kyouma to procreate a Half-breed child that would suck away the power of the other brave crests. This and his unbiased ability and willingness to manipulate them lead to his plotting as being both cruel and highly effective particularly when setting up the perfect back story for his Fake Brave and inserting his secret weapon into the Brave's circle as an actual brave with an effective and brainwashed bodyguard who would drain the other braves into powerlessness.


Tgurneu controls less than half of all the Kyouma. He has a special group of Kyouma trained in different unique abilities, called the Dark Specialists. Tgurneu also an army of undead called Corpse Soldiers.


Control Manipulation: Tgurneu's ability, as a parasitic-type Kyouma, let's him take over his host's body and enhance its abilities; the host's body is also able to absorb spells for Tgurneu. When Tgurneu broke a promise made with Marmanna Keynes it activated a spell which should have killed him but only resulted in the death of his host. To possess someone, they need simply eat his Fig form and thus he gains control over their body. It is unknown if his possession is limited to other Kyouma or what becomes of his host once he takes control.

Emotion Manipulation: Tgurneu has the ability to manipulate the emotions of anyone, particularly love. He uses this ability on Adlet to manipulating him into protecting Fremy, without realizing he was under its control. The ability is mentioned cryptically as Tgurneu mentions that "love will be the downfall of the Heroes". He can also freely choose to lift the hypnosis enough to have the target realize suppressed memories and feelings that were caused by his ability. The ability only stops once he chooses to or he is killed, nullifying his powers.

Intelligence: However Tgurneu's greatest asset is his intelligence; he is a Kyouma who has been the most ubiquitous threat to the current generation of Braves, and the one who create the most effective and linchpin plan against them, the Seventh Brave, a Fake Crest and a biological weapon to name a few. His plans have not only uprooted the Brave's trust in each and thus their effectiveness as a team but have also has been slowly and subtly draining them of their powers without their knowledge. Tgurneu's plans tend to involve the use of a highly integral pawn being given immense power and aided tremendously by a secondary pawn and is set up in such as away that should one of his pawns be defeated another closely associated one would take its place allowing his multilayered strategy to come to fruition while taking defeat or full on exposure in stride.


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