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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    Jeez Hans, you and your jokes. No matter what you say I can’t be mad at you.

    Congratulations, Adlet. Fremy dislikes you at the point she prefers to die than stay one minute more at your side.

    All right, reading this had made me feel more and more sad. Protect her at all cost Adlet. Kill Tgurneu and take Fremy from her fate as the Black Barren Flower.

    That parallel between Adlet and Fremy, and Goldolf and the Princess. Wewlad

    Well, this and the prologue make Adlet very likely to be the seventh. Tgurneu said himself that the seventh would lead Fremy to suicide, and with Adlet being the only person Fremy trusts. She may either lose trust in him or fall into despair and that would lead to suicide. Of course in this scenario Adlet wouldn’t know he'…

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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    “I love the faces of people. I love looking at the faces of people. Faces are the greatest instrument that humans possess. Their faces are more stimulating than any story, richer in implications than any philosophy book.” – Weird, it's just the same thing that Hans usually talk about...

    So...while Fremy is the black barren flower someone else is the seventh? I am absolutely confused. But it seems the Black Barren Flower and the Seventh are not the same. O.o

    What does Tgurneu mean when he said that the Seventh will drive Fremy to suicide? In my opinion, I think the seventh is Adlet.

    Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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