Jeez Hans, you and your jokes. No matter what you say I can’t be mad at you.

Congratulations, Adlet. Fremy dislikes you at the point she prefers to die than stay one minute more at your side.

All right, reading this had made me feel more and more sad. Protect her at all cost Adlet. Kill Tgurneu and take Fremy from her fate as the Black Barren Flower.

That parallel between Adlet and Fremy, and Goldolf and the Princess. Wewlad

Well, this and the prologue make Adlet very likely to be the seventh. Tgurneu said himself that the seventh would lead Fremy to suicide, and with Adlet being the only person Fremy trusts. She may either lose trust in him or fall into despair and that would lead to suicide. Of course in this scenario Adlet wouldn’t know he's the seventh but that’s irrelevant. The fact that Adlet is willing to protect Fremy even if she’s the Black Barren Flower convinces me even more that Tgurneu is using Adlet's love for her to his advantage.

Is Hans secretly working for Tgurneu? Why did he suddenly become so focused in keeping an eye on Nashetania and Dozu, after they all planned that nasty “little surprise” for Rolonia in Vol 4? It is strange how they also share the same opinion about human faces, and we already know that the Kyoma leader could create humanoid life forms with little difficult. Or maybe Tgurneu offered a good amount of gold to him, before he joined the group to act merely as a spy. It's possible Hans may be the Seventh but I doubt it.

Could it be that having Fremy killed will activate that secret function, and by targeting the Majin with that function it will be possible to control it? Capturing or weakening it enough for the Fig to take the driver’s seat. Tgurneu possessing the Majin is a scary thought :p I also wonder what would happen if Chamo could chew on that juicy fruit...

What is the deal with the Saint of Fate? I have this random theory. I think the Majin is a Male Saint. and the reason the Fate Saint sealed him instead of killing him is because she used to love him.

OMG !! Dat cliffhanger. I knew it somehow. Fremy's character would lead her to think and say that. Fremy found a bad timing to say that. What Adlet will do to keep her alive? Seriously hope Adlet won't abandon her.

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